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December 3rd, 2010

[001] Yukimura, Yumiko - on the hospital rooftop. 5330 words total.

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May 3rd, 2010

ES Challenges Archive

dysfunctional gokaiger family

Special challenge: to improve writing technique;

This challenge is designed to force you to write higher wordcounts; Using the Word Of The Day Archive, pick any month of any year (except the current one which is incomplete), pick any word on the list, and write at least 1,000 words (and don't keep switching months; make do with what you pick and like it! :P). Don't worry about rambling, or whether it's just rubbish, the idea is just to pump out some kind of high wordcount!

If you repeat this challenge with another word, you must beat your previous wordcount, whatever it was.


One-word theme. Code


A selection of words to include in the fic. Use as many as you like, but as many as possible!

( spoon, ruler, long, ear, waste, bump, hose, bedroom, street, miscellaneous, father, dress, history, staircase, servant, weak, tail, jar, clue, fruit, talents, introduce, epidemic, writing, cottage, numerous, humility, outline, dream, tragedy. )


Specific Challenge; CROSSOVERS! Using the three fandoms picked by random numbers, you must insert each (if possible) into an entirely different fandom's universe (does not have to be one of the three you are picked unless you want to try it!); the countries, the politics, the culture, but generally not the characters - not MAIN characters (example: inserting various characters from a fandom into a Never-Ending Story universe WITHOUT Bastian, because it was HIS story, but the Child-like Empress you'd get away with ;) In Hobb!verse you'd get away with dragons and Elderlings, but not referencing Fitz, the Fool, Burrich, Molly, etc).


(Unofficial) Quotes; (Use these to inspire your work, include them if you wish, in narrative, as spoken word, whatever!)

1 ] Scribbled secret notebooks, and wild type-written pages
2 [ Submissive to everything, open, listening
3 ] Something that you feel will find its own form
4 [ No time for poetry, say exactly what is
5 ] Telling the true story of the world
6 [ The eye within the eye
7 ] Write in recollection
8 [ Swimming in language sea
9 ] Undisciplined, pure, the crazier the better
10 [ You're a Genius all the time


One Word Theme;

( Whether you write one from a character/various characters points of view, or just reference it in your writing is up to you, but this challenge is designed to force creativity and something really different in response! )


Meme Challenge;
Using the following meme, you may fill out up to three names to get up to three sets of results. Keep the coding for each, as you will need to post it with your fic! The challenge is to include, however you like, the piece of clothing, the two random numbers, the scent and the phrase that come up in your fic!


One-Word Theme; ENVY


Selection Of Words To Include;
Set 1: holy, fantasy, silver, phoenix, seal
Set 2: guardian, wind, perfume, creation
Set 3: dark, threat, sun, bribe, manipulate, final




Starting line/ending line for fic.

Starting line: (He/She/It) was enough to drive anyone mad.

Ending Line: It was all about versatility.

Either: In any other place, at any other time, it might have been considered the right decision.


(A) line(s) of dialogue to include. (One, two or all in one fic!)
"The knife just slipped. Sixty-seven times."
"The last time you stayed up to watch a scary film, you ended up having to sleep in my bed."
"You realize that image will stay with me for the rest of my life?"


A selection of words to include in the fic. Minimum of three.
Set 1; romance, sense, curse, encourage, guardian
Set 2; trust, good, soul, either, rivalry, lightning


A quote to inspire fic - phrases & sayings, inspirational & famous, etc.

"All men think all men mortal but themselves." - Edward Young

"If we spoke a different language, we would perceive a somewhat different world." - Ludwig Wittgenstein


A series of related themes; RELATIVES


Lyrics as inspiration; (because I heart them!)

It's on your mind
But you can't say it
It's in your eyes
But you can't see it
It's on your wrist
But you can't time it
It's off the top of year head
But you can't wear it

It's in your face
It's in your hands
It's in the air
But you can't breath it
You're not the one I used to know
Gone to your head

It's up your nose
But you can't snort it
It's down your throat
But you can't suck it
It's on your lap
But you can't have it
it's in your reach
But you can't grab it

And what if I said
It's in your head
You're not the one I used to know
And what if I said
It's in your head
You're not the one I used to know
Gone to your head

Gone To Your Head By Zeromancer

One-word theme;

Survival. Make the plot, theme or feel of your story about survival.


Very specific challenge;

Starting with a drabble of exactly 100 words, write a series of drabbles each fifty words longer than the last. There is no limit on how many you want to write. As long as they go 100 words, 150, 200, 250, etc. And you must include the five words from ONE set of your choice below. Tenses can be changed!

Set 1: thieving, shell, childhood, cold, defense
Set 2: ivory, fool, late, short, break, shield
Set 3: lost, chatter, vision, minute, awkward


Title challenge;
i. Darkness Boy
ii. Kiss on the Shores
iii. Captive


A series of related themes;

I'm going easy to begin with; COLOURS.


A Very Specific Challenge.

Must include an "ology" - a study of something, five uncommon words beginning with the letter 's' (common words includes words like "something", "soon" and "sure" for example), and a time limit of twenty minutes from the moment you start writing. Go!


June 14th, 2009


ooo; time judged all; ankh
Five Things...-

(This should really be your post, but it doesn't matter. I will try to think of some to add; you go comment yours :D)

March 17th, 2009

For clubpurgatory:


March 15th, 2009

clubpurgatory TIMELINE:

dysfunctional gokaiger family


KAIBYAKU-ERA: (Yukimura Aged 12, Yanagi Aged 13, --- Aged 13 and --- Aged 15. )

- Yanagi (aged 20) takes on the role of managing Kirihara Akaya (aged 14). (After intitally meeting when Yanagi was nearly 19 and Akaya 13).
- Akaya comes on to Yanagi, who resists.
- But eventually gives in ;D
- After the sex began, but before Akaya's fame was altered (just a regular tantrum).
- Akaya decides to leave.

- Yukimura (aged 20) inherits the club/meets Fuji (maybe Fuji has a connection to club from before? Or was involved in law and in carrying out the will? Who exactly did Yukimura inherit from?)
- Staff are hired. (Marui, Jackal, Sakuno, Tomoka) (Not Kirihara yet obviously).
- First band appears (Niou's band? - the idea that Niou slept with Yukimura in order to get them what he considers a great deal and consistent gigs, but Atobe considers a contract to nobody in the middle of nowhere; this creates the first obvious signs of friction in the band?)
- Fuji learns something about Yukimura.
- Yukimura hires Tezuka as Assistant Manager after about 6 months (through Fuji I take it? ;D Though this doesn't have to happen early; I don't see Tezuka taking on a job with unknown risks).
- Tezuka learns the (Yuki's) routine quickly.
- Fuji and Yuki have a routine, too.
- Second band (Yagyuu's band) appears.
- First and secondb and strike up an intense rivalry.
- Niou & Yuki have a moment backstage with a COLLAR. (Yagyuu witnesses this and his obsession escalates, unable to lash out at Yukimura, his boss).
- Sanada is hired to promote the club now that it has two bands? (that have struck up an intense and interesting rivalry XD)
- Yukimura sleeps with Sanada. ONCE.
- Yagyuu attepts to drug and date-rape Niou but it backfires.
- DJ!Yuuta is hired to balance out the bands with his own music? ...And soon realises what most everyone else knows: Fuji/Yuki.
- Niou and Yagyuu make their bet on the switch.
- Kirihara (aged 18) runs away from fame and ends up at Yukimura's (aged 23) doorstep. With no star to manage, Yanagi (aged 24) becomes a record company scout.
- Sanada has barely met a newly-hired Kirihara.
- Sanada figures out what Everyone Else Already Knows ( Yukimura and Fuji are having sex in the office, while he and Tezuka are working next door).
- Support band 2 (Fudomine) and Tachibana appear. The fact that An works with Sanada means she could have been informed of or involved in their hiring.
- Without Kirihara, Yanagi has found the time to discover where Yukimura is. And subsequently, where Kirihara is.
- Yanagi visits the club for the first time.
- When watching for Yukimura, Yanagi finds Akaya instead.
- And probably that very night they're back in bed together.
- Akaya serves Yanagi at the club obliviously.
- Yanagi tries to use Akaya to get closer to Yukimura secretly.
- Yukimura discovers that Yanagi is around. A more detailed how.
- Mizuki pokes his nose into Yanagi's business - Purgatory
- Yuki lets slip to Yanagi that he knows how Akaya (and Yanagi) is in bed.
- Support band 1 are hired

(characters yet to introduce):
researcher/old friend of Yanagi!Inui

March 13th, 2009

club manager!Yukimura

assistant manager!Tezuka

old bandmate/record company worker!Yanagi

record company worker!Mizuki
researcher/old friend of Yanagi!Inui

aspiring dj!Yuuta
band 1 guitarist/back up vocals!Atobe
band 1 vocalist!Oshitari
band 1 drummer!Jirou
band 1 guitarist!Shishido
band 1 bassist!Niou
band 2 bassist!Yagyuu
band 2 vocalist!Saeki
band 2 guitarist!Sengoku
band 2 drummer!Momo
support band 1 guitarist/back-up vocals!Kaidoh
support band 1 drummer!Taka
support band 1 vocalist/keyboardist!Eiji
support band 1 bassist!Oishi
support band 2 guitarist/back-up vocals!Sakurai
support band 2 drummer!Ishida
support band 2 vocalist!Kamio
support band 2 bassist!Shinji
support band 2 guitarist!Uchimura
support band 2 keyboardist!Mori


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