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November 2nd, 2008

The positions for the main bands at Purgatory. :D

Diamond Lies: ( Positions Available: 5/5 )
[Diamond Lies]: [Formed by the vocalist and his long time friend the band that started as a lazy past-time soon became a very real dream as the shows they played for fun grabbed the attention of more and more teenage fans. Relatively unknown outside of Kabukicho, Diamond Lies are one of two top underground bands right now fighting for first place, and fighting for a record deal. And if you don't believe they could get it, then you're obviously a fan of rival band, Kousan.]


Kousan: ( Positions Available: 3/4 )
[KOUSAN]: [Forming the summer after Diamond Lies, Kousan's frontman was believed to have merely formed the band to get back at Diamond Lies and give them some rivalry, which, everyone believed, would not be the case. But the lead singer proved the critics wrong, showing himself to be charismatic and powerful onstage, and fueling one of the most heated rivalries between two bands each striving to be signed that anyone here has ever seen.].

Vocals & Guitar:
Guitar: Paris Thoms

Tapestry: (Positions Available: 3/5 )
[Tapestry]: [Forming years before either of the top two acts at Purgatory, Tapestry are signed to a record label, but one so small and insignificant they may as well not be. Between them, the members have the talent to be at the top, but the founding members have come a way from their college years and are finding their personalities aren't meshing as well as they used to.]

Vocals: Ghost
Bass: Memphis Thoms

For new bands:

Name Of Band:
Number of Members and what they do [for people to see which spots are open]:
Bands they sound like/are influenced by:
A short biography of how they band got together:

Character Profiles
To make posting character profiles easier. ;)

October 12th, 2008

Ways to creatively use the 31_days prompts!

... how about having to use each word of the prompt somewhere in the fic? Like word selection but it's made up in the entire prompt
Alphabet challenge - picking a prompt that begins with a certain letter
Combining more than one prompt

September 26th, 2008

Insert some ideas here!

:D :D :D !!!

unscheduled eta; I just have to say, we ROCK.


- I want to see Shin and Yankumi get together. [ link ]
- he (Sawada) was talking to the other guys about having competition [ link ]
- I want to see 3D shenanigans. [ link ]
- I still want 3D as girls fic. [ link ]
- I want 3-D slash fic quite a lot: Uchi/Sawada, Kuma/Sawada, Noda/Minami [ link ]
- And there's always femmeslash - hello Fujiyama and Kawashima-nurse, say hi to Yankumi! [ link ]
- Also, that whole Kurosaki stuff, there was he and Uchi and Sawada in their happy little threesome. [ link ]
- What if all of the 3D gang did, somehow, end up part of/working for the yakuza? [ link ]

Hana Yori Dango;
- ... I want to see Domyouji and Rui slash. [ link ]
- And maybe Makino and Yuki on the side. Experimenting? [ link ]
- Domyouji/Makino limo!smut. [ link ]

- Blind!smut. :x [ link ]
- Rin/Takeru! [ link ]
- fic featuring Sei and Kurosaki [ link ]
- And Five Times Sei Almost Returned to Japan [no link; over G!Talk]

Yamada Taro Monogatari;
- Nino/Sho reliving their moments as Yamada and Mimura [ link ]
- Or Nino and Sho thinking about the characters beforehand [ link ]
- Mimura/Yamada in university. And later on. [ link ]
- Yamada's siblings start growing up and he has to deal with it. [ link ]
- Mimura fic would make me happy [ link ]
- (Mimura) takes Taro and his family in to his home to let them live happily ever after [ link ]

- when I was watching it, I wanted the two girls to kiss. [ link ]

Ace Wo Nerae;
- REIKA/CHIBA [ link ]
- Hiromi/Maki! Even as friends [ link ]

Nobuta Wo Produce;
- Nobuta and Mariko fic. After the boys leave. [ link ]

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e;
- Sano and Nakatsu after Mizuki leaves. [ link ]
- And Nakatsu and Sano visiting her later. [ link ]
- a series-of-letters fic. Between anyone [ link ]

Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi AKA The Legend ;
- I'd like to explore how Sujini's experiences at the whorehouse, and perhaps how she lost her virginity.
- something AU with Kajin and Saeoh. Just so they can have sex
- How Sujini & Chuh-Ro went from the scene where he admitted he knew he was the guardian of the Blue Dragon's symbol and had been dreaming of Saeoh, to the forest scene where Sujini is asleep, to them drinking and (Sujini) talking together like good friends. [EPISODE 18/POSSIBLY 17 TOO]
- When Chuh-Ro picks up the Blue Dragon's symbol as it awakens properly, and the first to notice is General Go, then Hyungo. [EPISODE 17? OR 18]
- The bit before that, when ambushing the Hwachun's secret headquarters, when Chuh-Ro saves Sujini from an attack from behind and she sees his true face for the first time (AND HER HEART TOTALLY LEAPS AND HER BREATH HITCHES).
- In fact, when they all discover he has snuck along with them, what does Dam-Duk do? Between this discovery and Chuh-Ro hiding out amongst the trees where Hyungo seeks him out - does anyone make any demands on him at all? Does Dam-Duk ask any questions of him? Must see how they interact in the future to determine if they have spoken before then.
- backstory with Saeoh and the then guardian of the Blue Dragon symbol.
- What happens to Dam Duk and the Guardians, if they live, after everything that happened?
- Using the possibility they die, what happens to Sujini and Ajik?
- What happened with Sujini between her leaving and Dam Duk finding her?
- What happened to Ho Gae and Kiha during the years they were waiting?
- What happened with Dam Duk during those years? And the other guardians? Especially with Chuh Ro, who was under orders to make him smile and drink with him.
- Why did Sujini stop drinking?
- Sujini and Kiha being sisters! Or at least, you know, trying to talk and get to know each other and everything like that, after everything.
- How Sujini and Chuh-Ro were removed from the Temple of the Oracle after the fight with Kiha and Sa Ryang and taken to the Guh-Mool people, especially without the King or Hyungo or anyone else who might report to them noticing. (Sujini's makeshift uncle whatshisname - Yut Jang Su - is the one who actually informs Hyungo later on). [EPISODE 19]
- How Dam-Duk convinces whoever came with him after Sujini to let him go after her alone. Or how Chuh-Ro prevents everyone else from following; exploring the fact that THEY need to admit to one another that they need one another despite the obstacles, whilst Chuh-Ro has always been able to admit that to both of them, and they to him. [EPISODE 23]

- GOKUSEN/YOIKO NO MIKATA: Sawada and Taiyou [ link ]
- GOKUSEN/KUROSAGI: someone swindling one of the 3D gang, and Kurosaki gets involved [ link ]
- ACE WO NERAE/HANA YORI DANGO: Ryuzaki strikes me as someone who would go to some prestigious school [ link ]
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